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Wooden toys: The best choice for our children

Wooden toys: The best choice for our children

Playtime is fundamental to any child’s happiness, energy and creativity, and as parents, it is our responsibility to give our children the best playtime tools we can so they can grow up with the best positive social and cognitive skills.

We are surrounded by cheap, loud, non-durable plastic toys that do more harm to our children than good - from the harmful, toxic chemicals these toys use to the heavy impact they have on our environment.

The fact that these plastic toys are so easily accessible and the fact that a child will play with almost anything means that these toys find their way into our homes, and then into our landfills, at an alarming rate. Plastic toys almost never decompose and will most likely break before you get the chance to recycle them, and that is if they are recyclable at all.

Wooden toys are a wonderful, eco-friendly alternative to the cheap, harmful toys thrown at us every day. They are much more durable, can handle wear and tear much better, and if made mindfully, are 100% biodegradable.

As responsible adults and global citizens, we need to make a change, and that begins with our mindset. As Millennials, the majority of parents today have grown up to value ethical viewpoints and practices, and these are values we are passing on to our children - protect the environment, help people, leave behind a better world. Wooden toys are undoubtedly environmentally friendly, and through choosing wooden toys we’re not only choosing a sustainable option, but also teaching our children about issues like climate change, pollution and an increasing carbon footprint, and showing them how their choices can help fix these issues.

Oleeto’s wooden toys encourage your child to open up their imagination and find new pathways in pretend play, role play and more innovative methods to play. It will spark their natural curiosity and help them develop fine motor skills, problem-solving methods, hand-eye coordination, social skills and so much more!

Most of our wooden toys come in timeless designs so that when your child grows out of their favourite toy they can pass it down to their siblings or even their own children eventually. The next time you think about a gift for your child -  think about wooden toys - they’re eco-friendlier, healthier and far more durable -  they really are the best choice!

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