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Oleeto’s sustainable wooden toys - made with love

Oleeto’s sustainable wooden toys - made with love

We don’t mean to brag, but all of Oleeto’s wooden toys are labours of love. We understand that it is our responsibility to take care of the environment and contribute to saving our planet.

All Oleeto toys are made of rubber wood using trees that would otherwise have been destroyed. Rubber trees are one of Sri Lanka’s most commercially grown trees and the life span of a rubber tree ranges from 20 to 25 years. During this time, farmers harvest latex from these trees, a very valuable commodity used for medicine, science, and to make lots of everyday products. Once a rubber tree stops producing latex, it is typically cut down and burned to make room for new trees.

Oleeto steps in here, using rubber wood as the base of all of our toys, and giving this wood a new lease of life. As a very accessible raw material, rubber wood doesn’t have to travel a long way to get to our workshop, so not only are we repurposing wood that would otherwise be burned and contribute to global warming, we’re also reducing and our energy consumption and carbon footprint by sourcing locally. Not even a single tree is cut down to make an Oleeto toy.

Always committed to safety, we use a wide variety of certified non-toxic water-based paints, which fulfil EU safety standards (EN71).

It is Oleeto’s firm belief that wooden toys make children more aware of the environment they live in. Contact with wood gives them a friendly warmth at playtime and allows them to form a long-lasting bond with nature from a formative age.

Oleeto’s design process focuses on designing timeless pieces that can last for years. When your child grows out of their favourite toy they can pass it down to their siblings or even their own children eventually. An Oleeto toy can literally become part of your family.

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